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Configure Exim to send through Mandrill

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Posted 05 June 2014 - 07:47 PM

The below instructions will walk you through configuring Exim to send mail through Maindrillapp.com. 


Find and edit your exim.conf file, for CentOS users it's most likely located here: /etc/exim.conf.


Find this line (without the quotes): "begin authenticators" and add this below it:

begin authenticators

   driver = plaintext
   public_name = LOGIN
   client_send = : your@mailaddress.com : YourAPIpassword

Change the mail address and password via the "SMTP & API Credentials" page in your Mandrill Dashboard. 


Now find this line (without quotes): "begin routers" and add the following lines below it:

begin routers

   driver = manualroute
   domains = ! +local_domains
   transport = mandrill_smtp
   route_list = * smtp.mandrillapp.com

  driver = dnslookup
  domains = ! +local_domains
  ignore_target_hosts =
  condition = "${perl{check_limits}}"
  transport = remote_smtp

Make sure that the mandrill lines are above the lookuphost lines. 


Now find this line (without quotes): "remote_smtp:" and add this below, so it looks like this:

# This transport is used for delivering messages over SMTP connections.

  driver = smtp

# Transport mail to Mandrillapp.com

   driver = smtp
   port = 587
   hosts_require_auth = $host_address
   hosts_require_tls = $host_address

That's it. Restart Exim and try sending a mail, check the logs in Mandrillapp.com. 



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